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Board of Education Special Public Meeting on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, will take place virtually, beginning at 8 pm.
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School Counseling

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Counselor Contact List

Elementary Schools

Hawthorne Elementary School
Colette Brantley, [email protected] -- 201.833.5508 x6560

Lowell Elementary School
Lisa Guyden, [email protected] -- 201.833.5508 x5905

Theodora Smiley Lacey School
Jessica Brown, [email protected] -- 201.833.5508 x6718

Whittier Elementary School
Dannette Coston, [email protected] -- 201.879.9048 x6451

Middle Schools

Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Eve Klein, [email protected] -- 201.833.5456
Michael Smith, [email protected] -- 201.833.5565
Javalda Powell, [email protected] -- 201.833.5457

Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Robert Davis, [email protected] -- 201.833.5476
Meredith Martino, [email protected] -- 201.833.5458

Teaneck High School

Douglas Book, [email protected] -- 201.833.5427
Kharisma Bettis, [email protected] -- 201.833.5436
Beth Fleischer, [email protected] -- 201.862.2479
Lillian Garcia, [email protected] -- 201.833.5431
Kelvin Reese, [email protected] -- 201.833.5430
Jennifer Taylor, [email protected] -- 201.833.5433

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