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Curriculum & Instruction

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The Office of Curriculum and Instruction works with administrative leaders and professional staff to design, implement and deliver a core curriculum that fulfills the district’s mission to serve each student’s unique learning requirements. The Department supports schools in both what to teach and how to teach: by providing a rigorous, standards-based curricula in all content areas and by offering ongoing professional development for teachers and administrators on critical instructional strategies that will help them address the needs of their diverse learners. 

In order for all of our students to be successful, they must achieve across a broad spectrum of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs. We must consistently strive to strengthen our curricular programs and services, instructional strategies and assessment practices at all levels. By analyzing the cognitive and affective needs of our students, we guide them to continually seek learning opportunities that will unlock their potential talents, develop global perspectives, make reasonable, ethical and informed decisions and thereby become responsible citizens.

Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Christine Jimenez-­Johnson Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Schools(201) 833-5093
Patricia Dent
Director of School Innovation, English and ESL 
(201) 862-2321
Deborah ThompsonExecutive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent (201) 833-5130
Tracey Strand-Coley
Administrative Assistant for Curriculum and Instruction
(201) 833-5095
LeeAnn McClain
Administrative Assistant for Curriculum and Instruction
(201) 833-5090

Instructional Supervisors by Department

Rolando MonserratSupervisor of Science, Engineering and Technology (201) 834-7017
Jazmin Rotger de ParraSupervisor of Mathematics (K-12) (201) 833-5489
Ashley Sularz 
Supervisor of Humanities & Gifted Education
(201) 834-7360
Ramon MedinaSupervisor of Visual and Performing Arts 
(201) 833-5131
David Murphy 
Supervisor of Physical Education / Athletic Director
(201) 833-5413
Lisa Zucker 
Supervisor of Early Childhood
(201) 347-3480
Enoch NyamekyeSupervisor of Foundation Training (Years 1 & 2)(201) 833-5472
Ramon Ortiz
Supervisor of Foundation Training (Years 3 & 4) 
(201) 833-2320
Marina Williams Supervisor of World Language (K-8)(201) 833-5453
Justin O'Neill 
Supervisor of World Language (9-12) & Culinary Arts(201) 833-5405
Margot Todman-Mack
Supervisor of Business (201) 833-5402
Jahari JacobsSupervisor of Library and Media Services(201) 833-5462