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Partnerships, Outreach, and Special Projects

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Education goes beyond simply solving equations or writing reports. It encompasses preparing students for the real world, both while they are in school and after they graduate. It involves building a collaborative relationship with parents, working closely with staff to promote a positive working environment and culture, and partnering with the community to ensure positive relationships.

Research conducted on school-community partnerships established that treating the community as equal partners leads to a higher investment in learning outcomes. Our goal is to make it clear to all stakeholders that they are equal partners in the children's development, which in turn results in a solid school-community relationship. the district views families and communities as equal experts in a child's education, and leverages their values and strengths. 

Partnering with the community helps foster a sense of trust and belonging among students, educators, and families in the school district.


Connie LeDirector of Partnerships, Outreach, and Special Projects(201) 833-5498

Community Education 

Claire DrootinDirector of Community Education Center(201) 833-5534
Raina WarrenCoordinator of Community Education Center(201) 833-5514
(201) 837-9468