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Science, Engineering & Technology

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Chanelle Case Borden, Ph.D (female scientist) working in a National Cancer Institute DNA lab.
The Teaneck Public School K-12 Science Education program aims to prepare our students to become proficient in a range of scientific investigations and thinking that include but are not limited to inquiry and investigation, collection and analysis of evidence, logical reasoning, and communication and application of information. Implementing the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the Next generation Science Standards our students will be engaged in the core ideas through the integration of science and engineering practices while making connections to crosscutting concepts.  The science taught throughout our school district is infused with current and developing technologies as well as the implementation of 21st Century Skills.  Throughout the academic school year, our students are exposed to and recognize the contributions, as well as the diverse gender, cultural and social backgrounds of scientists and engineers.

Principles of High Quality Science Instruction

Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards in our science classes, our students will learn to:
  • Make sense of natural and human-designed phenomena,
  • Develop questions to plan and carry out investigations, design solutions and/or obtain information,
  • Gather data and information to use in developing evidence,
  • Reason how the evidence supports an explanation for the causes of phenomena,
  • Engage in academic discourse,
  • Present evidence of learning,
  • Communicate reasoning through an individual three-dimensional performance, and
  • Apply science learning beyond the classroom to make sense of natural and/or human-designed phenomena.

Supervisor of Science, Engineering and Technology
Mr. Rolando Monserrat
Phone: 201-834-7017