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Drinking Water Quality

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District Water Quality Testing

There are recent news reports about elevated lead levels found in the water in some homes in Bergen County. 
We want to reassure our parents, students and staff that the drinking water throughout the Teaneck Public School District has been tested and deemed safe for drinking. 
Our district elected to proactively test drinking water for lead in 2016 prior to any state-mandated requirement. At that time, any drinking water outlet that required remediation was immediately taken out of service and only put back into service after repairs were made and re-testing indicated the outlet could be used.
The New Jersey State Board of Education then adopted regulations mandating the testing of lead in drinking water in all public schools throughout New Jersey no later than July 2017. All school districts were directed to develop a lead sampling plan that governed the collection and analysis of drinking water samples. In addition, the new regulation required public schools to test for lead in drinking water every six years. Per these new regulations, Teaneck Public Schools identified and retested drinking water outlets throughout the district in the spring of 2017. Once again, the drinking water outlets were deemed safe for use only after satisfactory analytical results were achieved.
Teaneck Public Schools will continue to follow all State requirements with respect to testing for lead in drinking water. 
Free Water Quality Testing Available for Your Residence
If you would like to have the water in your home tested, you can take advantage of free water quality testing offered to Suez customers. You can find out if you are served by a lead service line by checking your online account at:, visiting, calling customer service center at 800-422-5987 or via email at [email protected] . SUEZ customer representatives are available to answer questions including those about lead lines and testing.

Lead In Drinking Water Reports