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School Health Services

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School nurses conduct screenings for height, weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing and scoliosis (in the middle schools and high school); maintain student health records; administer medications; provide emergency care, and assist with the Health and Wellness Program. The school physicians provide physicals for the high school athletic program, assist with scoliosis screenings and review medical cases as required.


Bryant SchoolJohanna Reyes, RN,
(201) 833-5549
Theodora Smiley Lacey School
Amis Aguero, MSN, RN, CSN
(201) 862-2515
Hawthorne SchoolEllen Buechel, MSN, CSN, RN, BSN, CCM(201) 833-5543
Lowell SchoolMonique Frazier-Ellington, MS, BSN, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5553
Whittier SchoolYadira Bustamante, BSN, RN(201) 833-5538
Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Lauren Mattiace, BS, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5460
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Cecilia Chan, MSN, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5480
Teaneck High School
Eloisa Cardona-Ruiz, BSN, RN
(201) 833-5139