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School Health Services

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School nurses conduct screenings for vision, hearing and scoliosis (curvature of the spine); maintain student health records; administer medications; provide emergency care, and assist with the Health and Wellness Program. School physicians provide physicals for the high school athletic program and review medical cases as required.


Bryant SchoolEloisa Cardona-Ruiz, BSN, RN
(201) 833-5549
Theodora Smiley Lacey School
Amis Aguero, MSN, RN, CSN
(201) 862-2516
Hawthorne SchoolRita Urevitch, BA, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5543
Lowell SchoolMonique Frazier-Ellington, MS, BSN, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5553
Whittier SchoolJane Fahey, MS, BSN, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5538
Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Lauren Mattiace, BS, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5460
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Cecilia Chan, MSN, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5480
Teaneck High School
Kathryn Dyker, MSN, RN, CSN
(201) 833-5139