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Gaggle - Google Monitoring

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Dear Parents/Guardians,
According to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA – enacted in 2000), it is the district’s
responsibility to ensure the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and
other forms of direct electronic communications. The district is also responsible for blocking websites
that are inappropriate on the internet. For instance, Teaneck Public Schools has implemented specific
firewalls to ensure that our students – while using district computers on our network – are not able to
access any inappropriate or violent websites.
Per the guidance of CIPA, we are now implementing a service called “Gaggle” which is focused on
keeping students safe when they use G Suite for Education from Google. NOTE: Most of our classrooms
are using G Suite from Google.
Through Gaggle Safety Management for G Suite, we will be able to further promote student and
educator productivity in a safe and controlled environment.
Gaggle Safety Management combines technology with expert Safety Representatives, who review
content 24/7 to assure students are safe. Gaggle identifies inappropriate words and images in Gmail,
Google Drive, Google Docs and more. Trained professionals then apply consistent, school- or district-
approved policies for positive intervention, alerting school officials if there is an imminent threat to a
To learn more about Gaggle, visit

Thank you.
Mohammed Saleh, Director of Technology