District 1:1 Technology Roll-out- Frequently Asked Questions

What new technology will our students be receiving? 

Teaneck Public Schools is excited to announce that we are moving to a 1:1 technology environment.  This means that we will offer a computer for EVERY high school and middle school student. All students will be receiving a Lenovo 100e Chromebook to use during the 2019-2020 school year.  

Will the student be able to take the device home?

Yes, for the high school students only.   The devices used for the middle school students will remain at the school.


When will my child receive the new device?

We will roll-out the new devices beginning the week of September 9. 

Should I get a cover or case for the chromebook?

The Chromebook provided by the district will come with a case and a charger when the student receives the device beginning the week of September 9. 

What must we do prior to receiving a Chromebook?

Both the student and their parent/guardian must sign and return the Student Mobile Device agreement. It is recommended to go to the parent training for additional information. An annual usage fee of $20 is required for all students (with the exception of students who receive free and reduced lunch). This fee will be utilized for repairs and maintenance of devices as well as to offset potential peripheral and sustainability costs associated with the devices themselves. 

Why am I being charged a $20.00 annual insurance fee?

Because High School students will be carrying their Chromebooks back and forth between home and school, as well as to other locations, and because the district is responsible for monitoring usage at all times, a $20 fee is assessed in order to offset the expenses associated with the management, monitoring, repair, and replacement of these devices. The insurance will cover any incidence of unintentional damage to the device.

Can I use my own device instead of the district-issued one?

No. It is preferred that students use their district-issued devices.  A 1:1 learning program is successful when everyone works from an identical platform with identical software. This gives teachers the confidence to develop lessons they know will work for everyone. It also spares teachers from having to troubleshoot different devices while trying to teach a class. 

What support is available if I need help in how to use the device?

Teachers and peers are the first resources in helping a student figure out a problem involving the use of a Chromebook.  How-to documents and videos will be posted on the district website, as well (www.teaneckschools.org).  If the problem is technical in nature, a Chromebook Incident Work Order will have to be submitted, and a loaner can be obtained from the high school media center. 

What happens if my device breaks?

First, the student must submit a Chromebook Incident Work Order.  After the incident is submitted, a loaner device will be available for sign-out. The extent of the damage will then be determined, and the device will be repaired.

What if my Chromebook is lost or stolen?

In the case of a lost or missing device, a Chromebook Incident Work Order form must be submitted. A lost device will be disabled during an investigation until a proper course of action is determined.  If a student and/or parent/guardian suspect(s) that the device has been stolen, a copy of the police report must be submitted to the High School for documentary/insurance/warranty purposes as soon as it is available.

Will the device have enough power to last throughout the day? 

Yes. Chromebooks have long battery life, and, assuming they are fully charged in the morning, should last throughout the school day.  If a device should run out of battery power, there are certain times when students can charge it in the media center, and we have also located charging stations in a number of classrooms. If the battery regularly exhausts a full charge within the course of a day, submit a Chromebook Incident Work Order, then pick up a loaner at the media center. 

Is the district monitoring internet activity at home.

Yes.  Although during home usage, your child will be accessing your home Wi-fi service provider, all internet activity is monitored by the district, both in school and out, at all times.  Content filters have been installed in all devices which limit access to inappropriate websites. The device is meant for schoolwork only, and should always be used in accordance with Board policies.  District provided username should be used to log in to the device.

How are issues of inappropriate usage handled?

Inappropriate usage will be subject to the same disciplinary procedures as any similar misbehavior would.  Such issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can the district activate the camera or microphone?

No, the district does not have any capabilities to activate the webcam or microphone on the device. However, the district is able to monitor all internet activity. 

Will Chromebooks go home with students over the summer?

No, the district will collect the devices at the end of the year. The devices will go through a routine check and will be redistributed at the start of the next school year. 

Is Google collecting information on the student’s accounts?

No, as long as a student uses their district-provided account, Google does not collect any information. 

What if I do not have a current internet provider at home?

Please contact your school principal for more information on how to access the internet via other alternatives.

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