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Visual & Performing Arts

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Visual & Performing Arts

Student Playing the Violin

The Teaneck School District’s Visual and Performing Arts program aims to provide all students with a second-to-none arts education that is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and which develops and strengthens students’ artistic literacy and fluency. Areas of study include: dance, fine arts, media arts, music and theater. By the end of the twelfth grade, students will acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding needed to prepare them for postsecondary success. Our goal is to foster lifelong learning skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and artistic expression in all of our learners.

Core Beliefs for the Visual & Performing Arts

  • Students learn best through active participation in the arts, specifically through practice rehearsal and creation.
  • An essential part of learning is to inspire creativity by helping students develop their own individual passions, strengths, and personal voices. 
  • Students reinforce their understanding of the arts through research and communication. 
  • Students who participate in arts criticism on the basis of observation, knowledge and criteria sharpen their ability to appreciate the full body of the piece and construction.
  • Inclusive, collaborative and student-oriented experiences are necessary for fostering individual expression and authentic creativity. 

Supporting the Arts at Home

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The Kennedy Center for Education is an outstanding resource for supporting the arts at  home. See below for some of our favorite recommendations below.

Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts
Mr. Ramon Medina
(201) 833-5131