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Summer School

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summer school

Teaneck High School recognizes the need for students to earn credits through alternative educational programs. Students are encouraged to discuss summer school and college course options with their school counselor.

Teaneck High School accepts summer school work completed in any approved summer school program that meets Teaneck High School’s hourly requirement. This applies to both sixty-hours of make-up work as a result of the five-credit subject failure, or new work, which meets the general requirement of 120 hours. Courses for advancement must be taken at approved summer schools. Any student who has been removed from a course may not make up the course in summer school or through tutoring under the 60- hour remediation plan. Instead, he/she must fulfill the 120-hour requirement.

Review the “THS External Summer School Request Information” for more details on enrollment and registration for summer school options.  

Key Points:

  1. An External Coursework Request Form must be submitted for pre-approval before enrolling in the course.
  2. Parents/Guardians are to submit the External Coursework Request Form to their child’s school counselor and Secretary to the Director of Guidance, Charles Hollis, [email protected]. Teaneck High School Guidance Office, 100 Elizabeth Ave, NJ 07666 
  3. Once approved, the student may enroll in the course. 
  4. All external course(s) requests must be completed, prior to the beginning of the school year.