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Professional Development

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TPS: 2022 New Staff Orientation

Welcome to the Teaneck School District! During the month of August, all newly hired staff members are invited to the district's New Staff Orientation. Over the course of three days, new staff members are provided with important information regarding employment, instructional goals and the district's initiatives. These sessions are a required part of the employee onboarding process, and registration is required.  

Dates: August 23, 2022 - August 25, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM 
Location: Teaneck High School, Student Center

Questions? Please contact 
Ms. L. McClain, Office of Curriculum & Instruction at [email protected] 
Patricia Dent, Director of School Innovation, English and ESL at [email protected]

TPS: 2021 - 2022 Foundation Training

The Foundation Training experience is designed to provide a four-year support to all non-tenured educators. Over the duration of the four years, our teachers receive extensive training on the instructional strategies that are utilized and celebrated within our district. 

This year, the following topics were addressed: 
  • Year 1: Social and Emotional Learning & Executive Function
  • Year 2: Data Driven Instruction
  • Year 3: Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Year 4: Project or Problem-Based Learning
Please visit the following Google Site as it is a display of this year's work: 2021-2022 Teaneck Public Schools - Virtual Foundation Training Fair
Congratulations to all participants, and thank you to our trainers for your hard work and dedication! 
Patricia Dent, Director of School Innovation, English and ESL 
Ramon Ortiz, Thomas Jefferson Middle School Assistant Principal & Supervisor of Foundation Training