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Graduation Requirements

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Expectations and Requirements

The high school community has identified a set of essential learner outcomes in literature and language, mathematics, social studies, science, world languages, practical and fine arts, and physical education and health in which students must demonstrate achievement in order to graduate.
Grades 9 and 10
The Freshmen and Sophomore year experiences (grades 9 and 10) are designated as the time of EXPLORATION. The exploration plan includes: English, Mathematics, Global History, Science, World Languages, Physical Education, Health, Driver Education, Fine or Practical Arts and three elective courses from the department courses designated as electives. 
At the EXPLORATION level, courses emphasize interdisciplinary themes. The instructional framework provides for extended learning opportunities and strategies that emphasize expectations of individual accountability and the positive interdependence of the learners.
Grades 11 and 12
The Junior and Senior year experiences (grades 11 and 12) are designated as the time of CONCENTRATION. The concentration plan includes: English, American History, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health, and four elective courses from the department courses designated as electives. 
At the CONCENTRATION level, interdisciplinary themes, extended learning opportunities, individual accountability and positive interdependence of the learner will continue to be essential goals.
Students are encouraged to select areas of particular interest that may lead to intensive, in-depth, individual or staff entored learning.
Instruction and expectations in both the EXPLORATION and CONCENTRATION levels support all requirements and expectations of the Core Curriculum Standards of the State of New Jersey. The award of a Teaneck High School diploma certifies that all standards have been met or surpassed by the graduate.
Upon entering high school each student will develop, with the assistance of counselors and mentoring teachers, a Personal Plan for Progress. This plan reflects the individual needs of the student. Students are encouraged, within reasonable parameters, to design their own learning models in an effort to meet the highest standards. The Personal Plans for Progress are reviewed and updated annually as students, parents and staff prepare to select courses for the next school year.

Additional required competencies include:
Technology literacy as demonstrated by proficient use of a variety of tools to attain high levels of achievement in all curricular areas, and Community service/career exploration. 

140 Credits are required for graduation and are as follows 

Total Number of Credits Required
Physical Education/Health/Drivers Ed
Global History, American History I, American History II
World Language
Visual and Performing Art
21st Century Life and Careers
Financial Literacy/Business