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school bus
The school a child attends is determined according to district lines established by Board of Education policy. Children who have registered for school and are eligible for transportation receive a bus route by the last week of August. Questions about transportation may be addressed to the secretary at the school the child attends. If necessary, parents will be referred to the transportation coordinator.

State law requires that transportation be provided as follows:
  • pupils in grades K-8 who live more than 2 miles from school;
  • pupils in grades 9-12 who live more than 2.5 miles from school;
  • physically handicapped and special education, when needed; and radius of their homes.
Children who live within walking distance of their school may not use the school buses at any time. Parents/guardians are responsible for walking their children to and from the bus stop. If you cannot meet your child in the afternoon, we recommend that you arrange for someone to meet your child at the bus stop. 
Courtesy busing is provided for students in grades preschool through four that reside more than 1.3 (the busing trigger is 1.4) miles from their school of attendance.
Seat belts are used for all public and private school transportation. Procedures have been established between kindergarten and the elementary school child care programs to provide temporary care of the district's youngest children in the event that a parent is not at the bus stop when the child is dropped off. Guidelines and suggestions about safety at the bus stop are included in Bryant's Parent Handbook.
For more information please contact Transportation (201) 833-5505.
Bus Stop Safety Report Issued by Teaneck Police Department
The Teaneck Police Department issued a report dated October 19, 2018 having completed a thorough review of 385 public and nonpublic bus stops in use for the 2018-2019 school year. The report determined that only two (2) bus stops need to be relocated. Statistically, that represents less than 1% of the bus stops. It also means that over 99% of the bus stops have been determined to be safe for students.

The administration and the Board would like to extend their thanks to Chief O'Reilly, Deputy Chief Faggello, Lieutenant Balser and all of the officers of the Traffic Bureau that worked so diligently to evaluate all 385 bus stops throughout the township. Their dedication to the safety of the students of Teaneck is greatly appreciated.

Bus Conduct Letter

The Teaneck Public School District provides bus transportation to and from school as a privilege for eligible students
residing in the district. The district solicits your assistance in helping create a safe and efficient operation of our
transportation system. Please download the 2022-2023 Bus Conduct Letter.