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Board of Education Special Public Meeting on Tuesday, June 28, 2022, will take place virtually, beginning at 8 pm.
For Board Agenda: Click this link
All Public Comments may be made via the ZOOM LINK or submitted prior to the opening of the public portion


The FORUM - School Based Youth Services Program

Nick Campestre, Coordinator
(201) 833-5136
Yris Acevedo, Counselor
(201) 833-5469
Giannil Hidalgo, Counselor
(201) 862-2481
Victoria Alexander, Counselor
(201) 833-5459
Yvonne Witter, Employment Counselor/Youth Development Specialist
(201) 833-5400 Ext 6283
Owen Barnes, Administrative Assistant/Youth Development Specialist
(201) 833-5126