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Executive Team
Dr. Andre D. SpencerSuperintendent of Schools(201) 833-5510
Haqquisha Q. TaylorSchool Business Administrator/Board Secretary (201) 833-5527
Dr. Kim Buxenbaum 
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services and 504 Officer(201) 834-7014 
Patricia Dent
Director of School Innovation, English and ESL
(201) 862-2321
Lorena MeadowsDirector of Guidance & Counseling
(201) 833-5432
Irene GrayAssistant Business Administrator/Board Secretary
(201) 833-5519
Dr. Maura Tuite 
Director of Special Education and Nursing Services  
(201) 833-5490
Nicholas VeniDirector of Technology (201) 862-2331 
Shellian Mirander
Assistant Director of Special Education
(201) 833-5490
Karen KramerManager of Human Resources & Compliance(201) 862-2320
Paul Morgan
Coordinator of District Safety & Truancy Services
(201) 834-7015
Executive Team Roles

Superintendent's Office
Dr. Andre D. SpencerSuperintendent of Schools(201) 833-5510
Linda KuhranExecutive Assistant to the Superintendent(201) 833-5510
Human Resources Management
Karen Kramer
Manager of Human Resources & Compliance (201) 862-2320
TBDExecutive Assistant(201) 833-5513
Famechy KnightSecretary Human Resources(201) 862-2322 
Business Office
Haqquisha Q. Taylor
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary(201) 833-5527
Aneesa Baig Executive Assistant to the Business Administrator(201) 833-5511
Irene GrayAssistant Business Administrator/Board Secretary
(201) 833-5519
Paul Morgan
Coordinator of District Safety & Truancy Services
(201) 834-7015
Na'Imah BogertTransportation Coordinator(201) 833-5505
Anthony D'AngeloDirector of Facilities & Grounds(201) 833-5526
Colin BurkeAssistant Director Operations & Maintenance (201) 833-5522 
Delia Pomales  
Payroll & Benefits Clerk
(201) 833-5518
Jenine Kea  
Coordinator Payroll and Benefits Assistant  
(201) 833-5517
Paula HuberAccounts Payable Secretary(201) 833-5516
Alex Hernandez
(201) 833-5516 
Rebecca Buckingham-Soohoo 
(201) 833-5521

Curriculum and Schools
Margot Mack Supervisor of Business(201) 833-5402
Justin O'Neill 
Supervisor of World Language (9-12) & Culinary Arts
(201) 833-5405
Lorena MeadowsDirector of Guidance & Counseling(201) 833-5432
Patricia DentDirector of School Innovation, ELA and ESL(201) 862-2321
Alicia Lyle
Supervisor of Mathematics (201) 833-5489
Edward KlimekSupervisor of Physical Education / Athletic Director (201) 833-5413 
Ramon Medina
Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts
(201) 833-5131
Marina WilliamsSupervisor of World Language (K-8)
(201) 833-5453
Ramon OrtizSupervisor of Foundation Training (Years 3 & 4)
(201) 833-5472
Ashley SularzSupervisor of Humanities & Gifted Education
(201) 834-7360
Rolando MonserratSupervisor of Science, Engineering & Technology(201) 834-7017
Jahari Jacobs
Supervisor of Library and Media Services
(201) 833-5462
Lisa Zucker Supervisor of Early Childhood (201) 347-3480 ext. 104
LeeAnn McClain Administrative Assistant
(201) 833-5090
Tracey Strand-Coley Administrative Assistant
(201) 833-5095 

Specialized Services
Dr. Kim BuxenbaumAssistant Superintendent of Educational Services(201) 834-7014
Dr. Maura Tuite
Acting Director of Special Education and Nursing Services (201) 833-5490
Shellian MiranderAssistant Director of Special Education(201) 833-5490
Danny GareriCoordinator of McKinney-Vento(201) 833-5437
Adrienne WilliamsDistrict SAC(201) 833-5468
Emilio JennetteTitle I Coordinator(201) 834-7016
Bleidy Rahmer O'Niel
Secretary - Out of District Placement(201) 833-5482
Yessica ReyesSecretary - Pre-K & Elementary Schools(201) 833-5133
Barbara KilgoreSecretary - Secondary Schools(201) 833-5491

Technology Department
Nicholas VeniDirector of Technology(201) 862-2331 
TBDSystems Engineer(201) 833-5454
Sandy Muro Coordinator, Student Information Systems(201) 862-2347 
Amedeo FolcarelliStudent Information Manager(201) 862-2301 
Alicia PinettiTechnology/Data Support Specialist(201) 862-2317 
Kenneth SimmonsSystems Administrator(201) 862-2492 
Paul Morgan
Coordinator of District Safety & Truancy Services
(201) 834-7015 
Rose AntinoriRegistrar(201) 833-5512

Community Education Center / After School and Camp Programs
Claire DrootinManager of Community Education Center(201) 833-5534
Raina Warren

Community Education Center Program Information (After School, Evening, SACC, Camp)(201) 833-5514

Operations and Maintenance
Anthony D'AngeloDirector of Facilities & Grounds(201) 833-5526
Colin Burke
Manager Operations & Maintenance
(201) 833-5524

For questions/concerns related to the following, call the person in charge of the particular area at the number indicated.

Anthony D'AngeloRight-to-Know Officer (Labeling Hazardous Materials)(201) 833-5526
Adrienne WilliamsSubstance Awareness Coordinator(201) 833-5468

Co-Affirmative Action Officer(201) 862-2322
The Teaneck Public Schools district does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, sex, age, religion, ancestry, social or economic status, or handicap in admission or access to, or treatment, or employment in, its programs and activities. Pursuant to Federal law (Title IX), the district is required not to discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities that it operates. Pursuant to Federal law (Title VI), opportunities will be offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex or disability.