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Teaneck Public School's K-12 Mathematics program aims to provide students with the necessary skills and concepts required to be competitive in the twenty-first century global economy. The mathematics curriculum consists of courses, units of instruction, and activities designed to address the mathematics needs of all students. The program emphasizes the development of the ability to analyze and solve problems of a variety of types and varying degrees of difficulty; understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics for application across disciplines; and the ability to share their thinking and engage in reasoning alongside others.

Principles of High Quality Mathematics Instruction

  • Instruction is based on formative assessments which ground instructional practice, pacing and learning;
  • Promoting deep learning of mathematics by focusing on developing and understanding of concepts and procedures through problem solving, reasoning, and dialogue;
  • Classroom talk and discussion are critical components for deeply understanding and sharing their thinking and engaging in reasoning alongside others; 
  • Access to high-quality tasks and purposeful questions that
    • elicit student thinking;
    • allow students to connect representations; and
    • explain mathematical reasoning.

Supervisor of Mathematics
Ms. Alicia Lyle
Phone: 201-833-5489

Mathematics Resource Adoption Update

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is actively reviewing and evaluating new curriculum resources to support our kindergarten through eighth grade mathematics program.

This adoption process was presented as part of our two-year plan to address academic achievement post COVID-19. The New Jersey Student Learning Standards - Mathematics call for the adoption of resources that will engage students deeply in the content by presenting high-quality tasks, student-driven learning opportunities, and digitally supported resources for stronger home-school partnerships.

The Mathematics Textbook Adoption Committee, comprised of parents, teachers and educators, was been established to review available resources in order to redesign our instructional rollout for the 2023-2024 school year. The committee utilized an evaluation rubric to score each resource in domains ranging from standards and content to differentiation and equity and the home-school connection. You can review a copy of the evaluation rubric here.

The committee has completed the initial process of evaluating and scoring the four top resources. Two curricular resources have been chosen, and the next step is to engage the Teaneck community in a full program resource review. This review will take place at Theodora Smiley Lacey School located at 1 Merrison Street, Teaneck, NJ 07666 on Wednesday April 12th from 5-6pm. Community members will have an opportunity to review the resources and provide feedback prior to bringing the resources to the Board of Education for review and adoption.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Alicia Lyle, Supervisor of Mathematics at [email protected].