Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable

Reimbursement of Expenses

The following applies to any staff member or official wishing to make a claim of reimbursement for expenses incurred while on official business of the Teaneck Board of Education.

All claims to be made for reimbursement by the school district of job-related expenses MUST comply with Board of Education policy #6840 and its regulations #R6840. Each individual anticipating a claim for reimbursement assumes responsibility for becoming sufficiently familiar with this board policy and regulation to comply.

The following summarizes some of the key requirements: 

  • Prior requisition and approved purchase order. In anticipation of a reimbursement request, initiate a requisition and obtain an approved purchase order prior to engaging in an activity or incurring an expense that results in a reimbursement. Requests for reimbursement that have not been approved in advance are likely to be rejected. 
  • Advanced approval explicitly applies to staff acquiring "materials" at convention or over summer or vacation periods.
  • Plan and allow a full work week between the initiating of a requisition and receipt of approval.
  • Receipts. Attach receipts for all meals (no alcohol), lodging, transportation, registration and materials expenses claimed. Receipts are required for each expense of $5.00 or more.
  • Use of personal vehicle for travel will be at the approved mileage reimbursement rate plus actual costs for tolls and parking (as documented by receipts). No other expenses will be permitted. 
  • Personnel receiving an approved car allowance will not be reimbursed for use of their personal vehicles except:
    • for administrative personnel for travel beyond the borders of Bergen County;
    • for other personnel for travel beyond that for which the car allowance is expressly provided.
  • Each expense claimed will be examined for reasonableness by the School Business Administrator in the context of what is 'average' or 'standard' for the given setting or set of circumstances. Those found excessive will be rejected or reduced to a reasonable limit.
  • Claims for reimbursement must be received in the business office within 10 work days after completion of the activity or acquisition of the material. All such claims must be in complete form with originals of receipts (within 10 days). Ten-month staff incurring such expenses during summer or vacation periods must still comply with the 10-work-day requirement; do not wait until fall or the end of vacation.
All others will be rejected as untimely and not in compliance with Board policy.
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