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Board of Education Workshop Meeting on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 will take place virtually beginning at 8 pm. 
All Public Comments may be made via Zoom webinar, or submitted prior to the opening of the public portion.  



Medication Forms

Students are not permitted to bring any form of medication to school without the proper Medication-Authorization form completed.  The form must be completed by the student's Health Care Provider and also signed by the student's parent/guardian.  Please choose from the Asthma Action Form,   Allergy Emergency Treatment Form and/or the form for All Other Medications.  Once the form is completed, bring it to the school nurse along with the medication in it's original packaging.

Physical Examination Form

A yearly physical examination is beneficial in teaching children and young adults the importance of regular screenings and early detection of health issues.  Th NJDOE strongly recommends, at minimum, a physical examination be obtained at least once during each developmental stage.  Please have your child's Health Care Provider complete the Physical Examination form and return it to the school nurse.