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Student Record Cards

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Student Record Cards

Communication with parents on the progress and growth of their children is an integral part of education. Report cards are issued four times a year. Daytime and evening parent/teacher conferences can be scheduled on designated conference days.

Permanent student records are maintained in a central location in the child's school. (If any are at other locations, there is a notation in the central file.) In accordance with State and Board of Education requirements, the parent, guardian or adult student (over 18) has the right to take notes from these records and obtain copies of them.

The permanent record includes, but is not limited to, student name, gender, date of birth, address, name of parent/guardian, physical health and immunization data, and information that helps staff make educational decisions, including standardized test results, disciplinary actions, extracurricular activities, class rank, and honors and awards. If a student is classified, special education reports and Individualized Education Programs are noted. Student records include those records as set forth in Federal and State law and as set forth in Board of Education Policies and Regulations.

Records may be reviewed and/or copied (at parent cost) by making an appointment with the principal or guidance department. You may receive a list of individuals with access to records. Additions, deletions or explanations may be requested. An appeal process is available. You may receive copies of applicable law upon request. The parent/guardian/adult student may request that information be denied colleges or occupational or military recruiting agencies by writing to the Superintendent of Schools within two weeks of the start of the school year.