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Welcome to Teaneck Public Schools

This section of the website is designed to provide our parents/guardians and students with a variety of resources and information - from registering a new student and related transportation information to special family support services and educational resources for students.

Additionally, please note that the Teaneck Public School District offers numerous ways for parents/guardians to stay informed about important information, news and events in our district and schools. Here are some of the many ways you can keep up-to-date:

Email: The District email service provides electronic communications for the benefit of the administration, staff parents, students and the community.  It is important to make sure that your school has your most up-to-date email information and that you ensure these messages are not going into a SPAM folder.

Flyers: Promotional flyers are distributed in the schools and posted on the website to advertise special events such as parent meetings, school events, and more.

Mailings: From time to time, parents can expect to receive mailings each school year including postcards with registration/residency reminders, students’ assignments, and other important notices.

Parent Information Meetings: Meetings are scheduled throughout the year to share information with parents and the community on relevant programs and topics in the district.  You can also join your child’s school’s PTO or PTA.  For more information, visit:

Social Media/Mobile AppsOur district, schools and departments use various social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.  District social media can be reached from the homepage of the District website.  We are also excited to offer a free mobile app that will become available to all schools by September 2021.

Website: This website contains a wealth of information about the Teaneck Public Schools. In addition to school information, staff directories, and Board of Education information, a variety of links are available for student help and resources. 

School Newsletters: School and department newsletters, featured on this website under the individual schools or departments, keep families up-to-date with current school information, events, and more.

Newspapers/Cable Television: The District provides regular updates to the Suburbanite and other local media concerning the latest new developments, student accomplishments and interesting programs within our schools. The Suburbanite, and at times the Record, sends photographers and reporters to our schools to provide special feature coverage of our students’ involvement in science/environmental programs, service learning programs, special events and other educational programs.

New Student and Visitor Information: Tours of any of the seven district school buildings should be pre-arranged. The District works closely with new families to assure that the transition into a new school system will be smooth and the children will feel as comfortable as possible.

Voice Mail: The District’s automated voice mail telephone system allows parents to leave messages for teachers 24 hours a day.