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Executive Team Roles

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Dr. Andre D. Spencer
Superintendent of Schools

The Superintendent of Schools is directly responsible to operate and manage an educational program and create an environment that will provide the optimum educational opportunities for all students within the guidelines established by the Board of Education on behalf of the Township’s electorate. The superintendent is the administrative head of the school district and chief executive officer of the Board of Education to which he is solely responsible. The superintendent shall have general supervision and management of all aspects of the school district’s operations. He may delegate responsibility for administering various segments of the operations, but shall be responsible to the Board of Education for the results produced.
[email protected] or 201-833-5510


Haqquisha Q. Taylor
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

The Business Administrator reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools and is responsible for school finances and operations that include the areas of accounting, accounts payable, finance, budgeting, purchasing, payroll, transportation, food services, technology, plant and property management, food services risk management and insurances.  Additionally, as Board Secretary, she records and maintains all minutes of the Board of Education and is Trustee of School Records.  She also serves on various committees and assists the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education in various capacities.
[email protected] or 201-833-5511


Dr.Marshall Scott III
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services assumes the major duties of organizing, coordinating and directing the development, implementation and coordination of all Special Education Services, Nursing Services, Homeless Issues and Title I in compliance with all State and Federal regulations according to Titles 18A and 6A.  In the absence of the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services is responsible for assuming the second-in-command responsibilities of the Superintendent.
[email protected] or 201-834-7014

Paul Apollon
Director of Human Resources 

Integral to the functioning of the school district, this position is responsible for operational and technical personnel duties including, but not limited to: ensuring compliance with all local, state, and federal personnel requirements; preparing job descriptions and postings (advertisements) that reflect district needs; managing online applications and interview processes; completing all pre-hire requirements including web searches and fingerprinting; managing the employee benefits program as a liaison to faculty and the School Business Administrator; maintaining an accurate data base of all district employees including confidential personnel files; and completing all personnel documentation necessary for Regular Board of Education meetings. [email protected] or 201-862-2322

Connie Le
Director of Partnership, Outreach, and Special Projects
The Director of Partnership, Outreach, and Special Projects is responsible for internal and external communication functions, working closely with and reporting to the Superintendent of Schools. The Director is responsible for developing and managing the annual communication plan, creating crisis and ad hoc communications, and producing materials for campaigns, special initiatives, and events. The Director promotes positive relations between the school district and the community, provides information on district activities, goals, and policies, and distributes relevant information to employees. The Director creates and promotes social media content across the district's Facebook and Instagram pages and maintains the district website and digital signage.  
[email protected] or 201-833-5498

Dr. Maura Tuite
Director of Special Services and Nursing - Secondary Schools

Shellian Mirander
Director of Special Services and Nursing - Elementary Schools

Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, the Director of Special Education and Nursing Services shall assume responsibility for the planning, development, coordination, and management of all special education programs, school based nursing services, budgets, personnel and shall ensure compliance with state and federal regulations governing the delivery of services to students with disabilities. The director is also responsible for development, implementation and evaluation of the district’s Special Education programs while serving as liaison with appropriate public and private agencies, personnel, and families on behalf of all students.
[email protected] or 201-833-5490, [email protected] or 201-833-5490

Lorena Meadows
Director of Guidance, Career Services, and Vocational Education 
The Director is responsible for administering and supervising school guidance counselors and other certificated and non-certificated support staff members as assigned. The Director will utilize the skills of leadership, supervision and administrative support and the available resources of the District and elsewhere to achieve and maintain standards of excellence established by the Board of Education. The Director of Guidance, Career Services, and Vocational Education shall direct, implement, supervise, and evaluate Comprehensive Elementary & Secondary School Guidance and Counseling Programs, Elementary Career Education Programs & Services, and Section 504 Accommodation Plans for students requiring these plans for students K-12. Further, the Director shall serve a Coordinating function for the District’s Information and Referral Service Committees in all Schools for students.
[email protected] 201-833-5425
Nick Veni
Director of Technology
The Director of Technology reports to both the Business Administrator and the Superintendent of Schools. The Director is responsible for providing leadership, direction, coordination, and integration of technology across all school district buildings and departments. The Director of Technology is responsible for planning, purchasing, installing and maintaining technology systems of the Teaneck School District. He guides and monitors the application of instructional technology and provides input into the selection of hardware and software for educational purposes. The Director also provides leadership for integrating technology into the instructional framework, with an emphasis on enhancing student outcomes, teacher effectiveness, and school-family communications. The Director also provides and directs professional development related to instructional and administrative uses of technology.
[email protected] or 201-862-2331
Patricia Dent
Director of School Innovation
Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Schools, the Director of School Innovation, English and ESL assumes the responsibility for developing, assessing, evaluating and improving the district’s curricula for all content areas. The Director of School Innovation, English and ESL supervises the district's Office of Curriculum and Instruction and works hand-in-hand with Instructional Supervisors to ensure that the district’s instructional offerings match the needs of the students, and the goals of the district. Under this title, the Director of School Innovation, English and ESL is also responsible for assessing, evaluating and improving the district’s K-12 English/Language Arts programs, which includes supervision over the district's literacy programs, reading interventions and enrichment opportunities. Further, the Director of School Innovation, English and ESL supervises the district’s English as a Second Language program, which includes providing administrators, teachers, and other staff members with the instructional support needed to ensure that the needs of the bilingual/biliterate population are being met in order to successfully participate in a monolingual education program. 
[email protected] or 201-862-2321
Paul Morgan
Chief of Safety and Residency Services
The Chief of Safety and Residency Services reports to the Superintendent of Schools and ensures the district complies with all NJDOE School Safety mandates from the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning. As the district's School Safety Specialist, the Chief of Safety and residency Services oversees the planning, training, exercising, and evaluation of the emergency plans for each school building. Along with evaluating the individualized school plans, his duty is to serve as the liaison to law enforcement and other emergency services to mitigate any emergency that could disrupt our district's learning environment. Additionally, the Chief of Safety and Residency Services oversees the district registration, residency, and truancy. Furthermore, the Chief of Safety and Residency Services also serves as the district coordinator for volunteers, providing guidance and support throughout the volunteers' onboarding process. 
[email protected] or 201-834-7015

Anthony D'Angelo
Director of Maintenance and Operation
The Director of Maintenance and Operations is responsible for providing the highest level of service for Teaneck Public Schools. They will ensure the maintenance and upkeep of all district buildings, including headquarters, all school grounds, and fields. The Director keeps our buildings safe and properly cleaned and maintained. The Director heads a team of custodians, maintenance and repair professionals (painters, builders, plumbers, HVAC, electricians).  Keeping our buildings safe, properly cleaned, and maintained is the number one goal of the department.
AD'[email protected] or 201-833-5526