Executive Team Roles

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Executive Team Roles

Dr. Christopher C. Irving
Superintendent of Schools

The Superintendent of Schools is directly responsible to operate and manage an educational program and create an environment that will provide the optimum educational opportunities for all students within the guidelines established by the Board of Education on behalf of the Township’s electorate. The superintendent is the administrative head of the school district and chief executive officer of the Board of Education to which he is solely responsible. The superintendent shall have general supervision and management of all aspects of the school district’s operations. He may delegate responsibility for administering various segments of the operations, but shall be responsible to the Board of Education for the results produced.
Superintendent@teaneckschools.org or 201-833-5510

Vincent McHale
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

The Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Curriculum & Instruction is responsible for planning, aligning, developing, implementing, directing, and evaluating the district’s curriculum and instruction programs.  He provides leadership to the content area supervisors and school-level administrators and promotes the attainment of increased academic achievement and accountability for all students.  The assistant superintendent oversees the teacher evaluation and the professional development of all instructional staff.
vmchale@teaneckschools.org or 201-833-5130

Melissa Simmons
Business Administrator/Board Secretary

The Business Administrator reports directly to the Superintendent of Schools and is responsible for school finances and operations that include the areas of accounting, accounts payable, finance, budgeting, purchasing, payroll, transportation, food services, technology, plant and property management, food services risk management and insurances.  Additionally, as Board Secretary, she records and maintains all minutes of the Board of Education and is Trustee of School Records.  She also serves on various committees and assists the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education in various capacities.
msimmons@teaneckschools.org or 201-833-5511

Tunde Adedoyin
Manager, Human Resources & Compliance

The Teaneck Public School District is a “people business” serving students, staff and the community. Human Resources Management (HRM), led by the manager, seeks to attract, hire and retain passionate, qualified and talented individuals to educate and support our students with strong collaborative planning and performance assessment skills and a commitment to multicultural education.  HRM partners with other district administration and the Board of Education to meet the vision, mission and goals of the Teaneck Public Schools. HRM is responsible for a broad range of functions, including advertising, recruitment, training, compliance with federal and state laws and district policies and regulations, and implementation of negotiated collective bargaining agreements.
tadedoyin@teaneckschools.org or 201-862-2322

Sandra Beckford
Supervisor of Special Services

The Supervisor of the Department of Special Services serves as the school district lead representative in all matters concerning special services. The supervisor maintains open lines of communication regarding special services with all interested parties; respond to concerns of parents, teachers, building and central office administrators, and community members. She consistently reviews federal and state legislation/regulations related to special services and shares the impact of any changes on the building and district levels.  The supervisor monitors compliance with school board policies and regulations and works with the school board attorneys as needed to develop required policy changes.
sbeckford@teaneckschools.org or 201-833-5486

Terry Corallo
Supervisor of Community Relations & Volunteer Services

The Supervisor of Community Relations & Volunteer Services facilitates an open exchange of information between the school district and all internal and external stakeholders. Guided by district policy and the Superintendent of Schools, this role coordinates district efforts with various media and the public to aid in the promotion of a positive image for the district, its students and its staff. This includes managing all information service platforms of the Teaneck Public School system including the district website and social media. Additionally, the supervisor oversees many special events and projects, coordinates mutually beneficial partnerships with higher education institutions and other community partners, and manages the district’s volunteer program (volunteers who work in the various district schools).
tcorallo@teaneckschools.org or 201-833-5498

Lynne Crawford
Supervisor of Specialized Programs

The Supervisor of Specialized Programs serves as the school district’s administrator responsible for the provision of special education programs and educational services provided in each of the district’s schools. These programs include self-contained classes, inclusion classes, in-class support and pull out support programs, as well as services provided under Section 504 and the Intervention and Referral Services Committees. The supervisor shares responsibility with other district administrators for the evaluation and supervision of all district special education teachers and works with district faculty and staff to ensure best practices are used in the provision of the district’s educational programs.
lcrawford@teaneckschools.org or 201-862-2305

Mohammed Saleh 
Director of Technology

The Director of Technology reports to both the Business Administrator and the Superintendent of Schools. The Director is responsible for providing leadership, direction, coordination, and integration of technology across all school district buildings and departments. The Director of Technology is responsible for planning, purchasing, installing and maintaining technology systems of the Teaneck School District. He guides and monitors the application of instructional technology and provides input into the selection of hardware and software for educational purposes. The Director also provides leadership for integrating technology into the instructional framework, with an emphasis on enhancing student outcomes, teacher effectiveness, and school-family communications. The Director also provides and directs professional development related to instructional and administrative uses of technology.
msaleh@teaneckschools.org or 201-862-2331 

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