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Teaneck's BA Named President of BCASBO

TEANECK, NJ (September 22, 2021) - The Teaneck Public School District is proud to announce that Ms. Melissa Simmons, Teaneck's Business Administrator/Board Secretary, has been selected to be the 2021-2022 President of Bergen County Association of School Business Officials (BCASBO).

BCASBO's 100 members are School Business Officials representing all districts in Bergen County, New Jersey. This organization meets monthly to provide continuing education (CPE credits) and important information to school business officials in order for its members to share ideas, to remain relevant, and to have critical information to assist the district and school board in making good decisions for all district stakeholders.  

Ms. Simmons, who has 16 years as a School Business Administrator including 4 in Teaneck, will be the first Black woman to serve in this prestigious role.  As a result of her leadership position, Teaneck Public Schools will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship for one of its students for the school year ending June 2022.   It is customary that this scholarship be awarded to a student that will be studying business in college.

"This is a challenging time for all school districts and I am looking forward to serving my colleagues, while representing Teaneck Public Schools in this role," said Ms. Simmons. "As someone who works diligently to ensure that our annual budget supports educational needs, and improves the educational environment, for our students and staff, I am thrilled that one of our students will receive a well-deserved scholarship as a result of my leadership role."

Teaneck Public Schools is the third-largest school district in Bergen County, NJ and one of the most diverse. During her tenure, Ms. Simmons has led the district in many areas including:
  • Development, submission, approval and implementation of the Preschool Early Education Aid of $2.7 million and the addition of 195 Pre-K students
  • Renovation of the Eugene Field School Building for a Kindergarten Center that opened in September 2020 (during the pandemic).
  • Participating and negotiating with the Teaneck Board Negotiation Committee that settled all three Unions contracts in four meetings or less for each union.

Ms. Simmons is also a mentor of rising female leaders via the development and implementation of The Teaneck Women’s Leadership Initiative in collaboration with “Girl Boss’d Up”.

BCASBO is a nonprofit corporation, incorporated in 2007.  BCASBO is operated exclusively for charitable, educational, literary and scientific purposes.
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