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Teaneck Receives NJ High Impact Tutoring Grant

We are pleased to announce that Teaneck Public School District has been awarded the state's high-impact tutoring grant, which is aimed at supporting our fourth-grade students. This grant presents a valuable opportunity for our learners, offering ten weeks of tuition-free tutoring services from Sylvan in Teaneck.

The tutoring sessions will be conducted at the Sylvan Learning Tutoring Center, providing flexibility for our students to attend on weekends or after school. It's important to note that tutoring will focus on one content area only, either language arts or mathematics, as determined by the state's identification of high-impact tutoring strategies.

As part of the implementation process, each elementary school building is tasked with identifying 24 to 28 4th-grade students who would benefit from this program. Students meeting any of the following criteria are encouraged to participate:

  1. 1) Those who received a score of two (2) or three (3) on the NJSLA in either language arts or mathematics.
  2. 2) Students currently receiving services through I&RS (Intervention & Referral Services).
  3. 3) English language learners who would benefit from additional support in either content area.
  4. 4) Students who have demonstrated difficulty meeting grade level standards.

This initiative underscores our commitment to providing targeted support to our students and ensuring that they have every opportunity to succeed academically.

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