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EXCITING Technology and Innovation Partnership

The Teaneck School District is proud to announce our NEW partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson University's Computer Science for All Teacher Training Program! This initiative is a competitive, prestigious educational experience that addresses The New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Computer Science & Design Thinking. Teachers will be exposed to effective teaching practices with a focus on content, student engagement, and collaboration. Our practitioners will learn how to teach computer science through methods of inquiry-based, hands-on learning. Teaneck teachers who were accepted into this program will receive a stipend in the amount of $1100, and receive micro-bits to use in their classrooms upon completion of the training program.

Congratulations to Our Participating Teachers
Holly Koehler - Whittier Elementary School
Keith Orapello - Whittier Elementary School
Dennis Hiel - Lowell School
Erin Lafond - Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Sue Luckman Jacobs - Thomas Jefferson Middle School

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