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BFAST Program -BeFore AfterSchool Tutoring (Title 1)

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BFAST Program -Before & After School Tutoring @ BFMS

bfast program
The BFAST (BeFore & After School Tutoring) Program will provide students from Benjamin Franklin Middle School in grades 5 through 8 with morning and afternoon instructional support in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Robotics.  While the emphasis in instructional support will focus on Mathematics and Language Arts, the other areas of instruction will be taught to provide the same level of support for students in Math and Language Arts. Teachers will work in small instructional groups with students to assist in recognized “points of confusion (POC).” 
In addition to small group instruction, students will have access computer-based programs to support their targeted area. Homework assistance to students enrolled will also be available. The program will begin early January and immediate begin working toward building test taking skills/strategies in targeted NJSLA areas.
Elie, Samantha
Office: 201-833-5508
Andreala, Ashley
Special Education
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6682
Biernacka, Elzbieta
Special Services
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6654
Detrick, Amanda
Special Education
Office: 201-833-5508 x 5900
Finkelstein, Barbara
Special Services
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6662
Wright, Shanice
Special Education
Office: 201-833-5508
Lahullier, Laurel
Special Services
Office: 201-862-1200 x 6828
Lopez, Veronica
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6670
McVerry, Jeanne
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6134
Muheisen, Mariam
Social Studies
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6206
Munguti, Munyiva
Office: 201-833-5508
Rossy, Kimberly
Special Services
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6679
Stanic, Victor
Special Services
Office: 201-833-5508 x 6661
Williams, Terrence
Office: 201-833-5451
Williams, Marina
Assistant Principal
Office: 201-833-5850
Deubel, David
Office: 201-833-3976