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School Programs

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Benjamin Franklin Middle School offers many ongoing programs for students, parents and families. To view information about Before and After School Programs, Parent/Family Support, Special Programs, Curriculum Component, etc.
Before-And/Or After-School Programs 

  • Breakfast Program each morning at 7:30. Students may purchase breakfast, bring breakfast, get homework help from teacher coordinators, or sit to talk with friends.
  • A low-cost after school program (SACC) is sponsored by the Teaneck Community Education Center for children of working parents.
  • Before/after school assistance is available from teachers.
  • Extracurricular programs include Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Choir/Chorus, Dance, Drama, Yearbook, Intramurals, Peer Tutoring, Student Government, Student Service, Literacy/Math Enrichment, NJASK (5-8), Math and Literacy Classes
  • After-school/evening/school vacation classes are available through the Teaneck Community Education Center.

Curriculum Components

  • Core subjects include language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science.
  • Encore (special area) subjects for grades 5 and 6 include art, world language, physical education/wellness, and vocal music.
  • Encore (special area) subjects for grades 7 and 8 include dance, theater, choir, chorus, band, orchestra, multimedia production, humanities, French, Spanish, Mandarin, music through technology, creative writing, forensic science, hands-on business, study skills, writing as communication, Classroom Inc (technology-based business simulation), law and public speaking, and more.
  • Curriculum is aligned with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.
  • The school is well-equipped with technology to support instruction. State-of-the art technology includes computers in every classroom, two computer laboratories, wireless laptops, iPods for podcasting, PDAs, probeware for science investigations, and electronic whiteboards.
  • A school project has made it possible for 16 teachers to use tablet PCs and projectors for instruction.
  • The Library/Media Center is connected to the Bergen Electronic Library System (BELS) and Bergen County Cooperative Library Services (BCCLS) to facilitate the acquisition of resources for students and teachers.
  • Students are given opportunities to learn the 21st century literacy and internet skills by the use of various online databases that are subscribed.
  • A World In Motion (AWIM) science component brings science alive in grades 5 and 6.
  • Social Studies curriculum changes include U.S. History for grade 5.
  • Awarded Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS)

PBSIS: Positive Behavior Support In Schools

According to research, disruptive behaviors in schools are a major challenge for students, administrators, teachers, and families. (Barone, 1995; Hoover and Juul, 1993). The research also indicates the traditional procedures of suspending, expelling, and punishing students for disruptive behavior has not worked (Morgan_D’Atrio, Northup, Le Fleur, Spera, 1996, Sulzer-Azaaroff and Mayer, 1991). It has been recognized that an alternative plan need to be set in place. The emphasis for such an alternative plan has been placed on schools developing a schools-wide system of behavioral support. A school-wide system is defined as a support system that defines, teaches, recognizes expected behaviors, develops peer support, and implements clear consequences for inappropriate behavior.

The Teaneck Public School district has recognized the need to put in place such a program in our middle and high schools. One of our goals for the 2009-2010 school year is to better provide an emotionally and socially safe and nurturing environment for our students. We believe Positive Behavior Support In Schools (P.B.S.I.S) is a school-wide behavioral system that will proactively provide tools and strategies to promote such an environment for all our students to be successful learners.

Benjamin Franklin Middle School has established an action plan which outlines specific goals responsibilities, and benchmarks to ensure the successful implementation of P.B.S.I.S. The overall focus of the P.B.S.I.S. team is to facilitate the implementation of positive behavior support strategies among staff members. To reduce the number of inappropriate behaviors occurring in school and in the community by educating students and reinforcing appropriate behaviors. Finally, to consistently implement recognition plans for students and staff.

Special Programs

  • Students participate in peer mediation.
  • Advisory groups meet to discuss concerns, share feelings, and experience activities designed to foster communication and self esteem.
  • BF Achievers support male youth and provide role models for them.
  • Three guidance counselors provide group counseling during lunch and after school according to student needs, both academic and social.
  • "Lunch Dates" is a mentorship program that invites community members to have lunch with select students and share their individual stories of success.
  • S.A.F.E.T.Y. (Student Athletes Fostering Education in Teaneck's Youth) is a literacy program that connects FDU student athletes to the BFMS 5th Grade.
  • Adelphi Research Project is an academic initiative that connects Adelphi University to the BFMS 6th grade.

Student Learning Environment

  • Programs and structure permit students to grow, explore, and assume responsibility for themselves in a nurturing environment that fosters intellectual, social, and emotional development.
  • Cooperative learning strategies encourage students to brainstorm and problem-solve in small groups and to participate in authentic experiences.
  • Fifth-and sixth graders enjoy self-contained classrooms where they are nurtured in a family environment.
  • Seventh-and eighth graders participate in small learning teams so that a group of students has the same teachers in three core areas.
  • The schedule provides 54 minutes each day for instruction in core areas at grades 7 and 8. Fifth-and sixth graders enjoy a 90-minute literacy block and a 90-minute math block each day.
  • Literacy Coaches support student learning and teacher best practices.

Parent/Family Support

  • The BF Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is active in the life of the school. The organization sponsors cultural programs, fundraisers, field trips, and other experiences for students. Parents benefit from information sessions, opportunities to share their expertise/experience and learn from the expertise of others, and social interaction.
  • The Building Quality Management Team (BQMT), which is composed of parents, teachers, and administrators, serves as an advisor to the principal. Each year the BQMT develops school goals and objectives that are implemented and managed by the team and others.
  • Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled at least two times each year. Teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors are available to meet with parents throughout the year and also communicate via email, phone, or through the mail. Teachers have eBoards that can be accessed by students and parents.
  • Teachers keep a web-based gradebook with the capability of e-mailing parents to keep them informed about students' achievement and completion of various assignments for the class.