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The Board of Education Regular Public Meeting on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, will take place in-person at the Cheryl Miller-Porter Student Center at Teaneck High School and virtually via Zoom webinar, beginning at 8:00 pm.
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What is HERO K12?


HERO is a behavior management system for students that can help reinforce pro-social behavior in schools while at the same time decrease negative infractions by aligning a system of consequences with the school, and or districts code of conduct.

At Benjamin Franklin Middle School, our goal is to applaud students whose behaviors are positive while redirecting the behaviors of students involved in unacceptable conduct.

HERO benefits all stakeholders at BFMS.  Students can access their HERO information via the internet and or smartphones and they can keep account of their HERO Points, track tardies, and or consequences from their own conduct.  Teachers can and will use the program to support the goal of applauding students involved in pro-social and other exemplary behaviors, including academics.  Teacher can also mark students tardy to class and redirect unwanted distractions aligned with students coming to class tardy.  They can also access the program via the internet and or on their smartphones.

HERO is helpful to parents because it provides real-time access to merit point totals, upcoming disciplinary actions, and the behavioral history of their child(ren).

HERO offers parents optional Push Notifications that will communicate with them upon an behavior (good or bad) that is tracked.

Parents can also communicate back with the school regarding infractions or merit points.