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Middle School Language Arts

Benjamin Franklin Middle School Language Arts Program

Welcome to the Benjamin Franklin Middle School Language Arts program with embedded support for English Language Learners (ELLs), where we strive to provide a comprehensive and inclusive learning experience based on the New Jersey Department of Education standards.

Our program is designed to foster language proficiency, reading comprehension, writing skills, and critical thinking abilities while ensuring that ELLs receive the necessary support to excel in their language development journey. Here are some critical aspects of our program aligned with the New Jersey middle school standards:

1. Standards-Based Curriculum: Our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education's middle school standards for Language Arts. We cover a wide range of literature, informational texts, and writing genres to ensure that students develop the skills and knowledge required at this level.

2. Differentiated Instruction: We recognize that each student has unique needs, which is particularly important for ELLs. Our teachers employ differentiated instructional strategies, such as visual aids, graphic organizers, and hands-on activities, to meet our students' diverse learning styles and language proficiency levels. This approach ensures that ELLs receive targeted support toward their language development goals.

3. Language Support: We embed language support strategies throughout our curriculum to support ELLs in their language acquisition journey. These may include explicit vocabulary instruction, sentence structure practice, and grammar activities tailored to meet the specific needs of ELLs at different proficiency levels. Additionally, we provide opportunities for ELLs to engage in language-rich discussions and collaborative learning to enhance their language skills.

4. Authentic Assessment: We believe in assessing students' progress in meaningful ways. Our program incorporates a variety of formative and summative assessments aligned with the New Jersey middle school standards. These assessments measure language proficiency growth, reading comprehension, writing skills, and critical thinking abilities. Through ongoing review, we can provide individualized feedback and support to help ELLs succeed.

5. Culturally Responsive Instruction: We value and celebrate our students' diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our program incorporates culturally responsive instruction, ensuring that literature and instructional materials reflect the experiences and perspectives of ELLs. Creating a culturally inclusive environment fosters a sense of belonging and enhances ELLs' engagement in the learning process.

At Benjamin Franklin Middle School, we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment where ELLs can thrive academically and linguistically. We aim to empower ELLs to become confident readers, writers, and critical thinkers through our embedded language support strategies and adherence to New Jersey middle school standards. Together, we will cultivate a love for language arts and prepare our students for success in their academic journey.