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Board of Education Regular Public Meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 will take place virtually beginning at 8 pm. 

All Public Comments may be made via Zoom webinar or submitted prior to the opening of the public portion. 


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What is the FORUM?
The Forum's Mission is to inspire the positive emotional, physical, social, and academic development of Teaneck's residents aged 13-19 through comprehensive easily accessible services.

What does F.O.R.U.M. stand for?
The FORUM stands for Forging Opportunities for Reasoning, Understanding and Maturity.

FORUM Services:
The FORUM offers a full range of services that gives you a chance to get involved, get advice, and get help wherever you need it. The following services are offered free of charge: academic support, counseling, employment development, referrals, recreation and clubs.

The FORUM is funded by the NJ Department of Children & Families-Division of Family and Community Partnership, Teaneck Board of Education, The Township of Teaneck & The Bergen County Department of Human Services.

Name Title Telephone
Nick Campestre FORUM Coordinator (201) 833-5136
Yris Acevedo School Based Youth Services Counselor (201) 833-5469
Giannil Hidalgo      School Based Youth Services Counselor (201) 862-2481
Victoria Alexander
School Based Youth Services Counselor
(201) 833-5459
Yvonne Witter Employment Counselor (201) 833-5400 ext. 6283 
Owen Barnes
(201) 833-5126