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The administrative staff are people who help run our high school. If you have any questions regarding school, please feel free to contact an administrator or secretary.


Piero LogiudicePrincipal(201) 833-5411
Margot Todman-MackAssistant Principal(201) 833-5402
Angela DavisInterim Assistant Principal(201) 833-5405
Michaela FreemantleSecretary to Principal
(201) 833-5401
Gregory Castro
Secretary in Principal's Office
(201) 833-5410
Milagro TavarezSecretary to Assistant Principals
(201) 833-5407
Edward KlimekDirector of Athletics(201) 833-5413
Lorena MeadowsDirector of Guidance, Career Services and Vocational Education
(201) 833-5425
Shantelle GrateneauSecretary to Director of Athletics
(201) 833-5412
Natasha Green
Teacher/Dean of Students, Grade 9
(201) 833-5414
Jason McDonald
Teacher/Dean of Students, Grade 10(201) 862-2497
Susie Cipriano
Teacher/Dean of Students, Grade 11
(201) 862-2493
Gregory CooperTeacher/Dean of Students, Grade 12(201) 833-5440
Charles Clark
Teacher/ISS(201) 833-5416