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Information and Absence Reporting

Nurse Frazier Ellington may be reached by telephone or email
Phone: 201-833-5553

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions regarding the health of your student. Below is important information regarding the reporting of an absence for your student.

Student Absence

  • When your student is absent you must notify the nurse.  

  • Please leave a clear voicemail with the student's name, your name, email or phone number, and relationship to the student. 

  • Please include the student’s homeroom number, teacher, and grade 

  • The Nurse can be reached by: 

When reporting an Absence, PLEASE do the following

  • State the reason for ANY absence

  • If the student is sick, please  

    • State ALL the symptoms that he/she is experiencing. The Nurse will give you information on how to move forward.

  • Please continue to follow the Daily Screening Symptom Checklist that you receive by email daily.

Readmission to School After an Absence

  • A student returning from an absence of any length must present to the School Principal or designee a written statement, dated and signed by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) or adult pupil, of the reasons for the absence.

  • A note explaining a pupil's absence for noncommunicable illness for a period of more than three school days must be accompanied by a physician's statement of the pupil's illness.

  • A student who has been absent by reason of having or being suspected of having a communicable disease must present to the School Nurse written evidence of being free of communicable disease, in accordance with Policy No. 8451.

TPS Attendance Policy:

A downloadable version of the above information is available below as a PDF

Important Forms

Asthma Medication Form

Physical Exam Form