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Math & Literacy Enrichment Coaches

The Team
Anitha Giannikos: Literacy & Math Coach
Ann Park: Literacy & Math Coach

1st Family Math Night of 23-24! RSVP HERE / Flyer HERE Lowell Nov23 FMN Flyer.pdf

Last 22-23 Parent Night - Virtual! Discussion on summer assignments.
Parent Night June 2023.pdf (you can click on the Google Meet link on the PDF)  

Book is Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo
Live Launch Virtual Event  - Monday, May 15th 6:30PM - Through book club's Google Classroom via Google Meet. There will be a raffle for prizes.

Lowell Family Night! Lowell is hosting a fun-filled family math night on Tuesday, April 25 from 6:30 - 8PM. Students are welcomed! Prizes and homework passes will be raffled off! Flyers were sent home with the students. Please fill out this form to RSVP:

Parent Math & Literacy Night - Help with Online Resources: Fast ForWord, Reflex, Reading Assistant
  1. Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2023 at 6:15 PM
  2. In-Person at Lowell Cafeteria
  3. Reading Assistant Plus Help ENG Powerpoint  /  Reading Assistant Plus Help ENG PDF
    1. Reading Assistant Plus Ayuda (SPA) Powerpoint /  Reading Assistant Plus Ayuda (SPA) PDF
  4. Reflex Math & Math Fluency Help (ENG) Powerpoint  /  Reflex Math & Math Fluency Help (ENG) PDF
    1. Reflex Math & Math Fluency Ayuda (SPA) Powerpoint  /  Reflex Math & Math Fluency Ayuda (SPA) PDF

  5. Fast ForWord Help (ENG) Powerpoint  /  Fast ForWord Help (ENG) PDF
    1. Fast ForWord Ayuda (SPA) Powerpoint  / Fast ForWord Ayuda (SPA) PDF

Parent Math & Literacy Night - Help with Online Resources: Lalilo, Lexia, Zearn
  1. Thursday, December 15th at 6:15 PM
  2. In-Person at Lowell School
    1. Lalilo for KG, 1st, 2nd Grade
      1. Lalilo Help Powerpoint   /   Lalilo Help PDF

    2. Lexia for 3rd & 4th Grade 
      1. Lexia Help Powerpoint Ver    /    Lexia Help PDF Ver

    3. Zearn for KG - 4th Grade = GYM
      1. Zearn Help Powerpoint Ver   /   Zearn Help PDF Ver

  3. Food & drinks provided 

Parent Reading Curriculum Night 
  1. Thursday, June 9th at 6:30 PM
  2. Virtual via Google Meet
  3. Supporting Your Child's Reading PDF Ver
  4. Presentation:
Parent Curriculum Night - Ways to Support Your Child Academically During the Summer Months
  1. Tuesday, June 7th at 7:00 PM
  2. Virtual via Google Meet
  3. Lowell's Summer Assignments Powerpoint Ver      Summer Assignments PDF Ver
    1. Please fill out THIS FORM (click here) to acknowledge both the summer math challenge and summer read-a-thon, as well as to opt into weekly emails regarding your child's progress in math. 
  4. Presentation:

Parent Curriculum Night - Reading & Math Foundational Skills
  1. Tuesday, May 10th at 5:30 PM
  2. Virtual via Google Meet
  3. Reading and Math Foundational Skills PDF Ver
  4. Presentation: 
Parent NJSLA Information Night
  1. Thursday, April 7th at 5:30PM
  2. Virtual via Google Meet
  3. NJSLA Info Session Powerpoint Ver   /   NJSLA Info Session PDF Ver
  4. Presentation:

Parent Curriculum Night - How to Help with Homework
  1. Wednesday, March 23rd at 5PM
  2. Virtual via Google Meet
  3. In this presentation, you will be introduced to the newest online programs to help your child maintain and further their reading and math fluency skills.  Special thanks to Lowell K-2 Math Coach Mrs. Justine Lopez for creating the presentation. 
  4. How to Help with Homework PDF
  5. Presentation: 

    Links from the presentation: 
    Digital Lessons

Summer 2022 Assignment Commitment Form 
Digital Google Form Click HERE

Summer 2022 Math Assignments
Rising 2 (1st graders going into 2nd grade): LINK
Rising 3 (2nd graders going into 3rd grade): LINK
Rising 4 (3rd graders going into 4th grade): LINK
These packets can be also be found under the "MET Math Assignments" submenu on the right side of this page window.