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Lowell School's families now have access to The Parent Institute's electronic Family Engagement Resource Center. This electronic resource center offers booklets, quick-tip brochures, cards, and videos on a range of topics from how to work with your child’s teacher and get involved to tools on motivating and teaching your child at home. Please feel free to take advantage of your full access to the entire electronic Family Engagement Resource Center. You may browse, view, read, download, and print on demand all year!

For the week of 6/13/22: If you’ve never taken a very active role in your child’s education, you may wonder if you’re too late. You’re not! It’s never too late for you to become more involved with your child’s education. And any time you get involved, you start helping your child.  Check out “It’s Never Too Late To Get Involved” to learn ways to work with your child’s school to support their learning.

For the week of 6/6/22: Studies show that as many as one out of four kids has been the victim of bullying at some time, and research has made it clear that this growing problem can’t be dismissed as “kids being kids.” The booklet, “Questions Parents Ask About Bullies” raises questions parents frequently ask about bullies and bullying, and provides answers that will help you help your child feel safe at school.

For the week of 5/23/22: If you want to improve your child's vocabulary, I suggest you read "What Can Parents Do at Home to Help Students with Vocabulary." This booklet provides specific, easy-to-implement ideas to build your child’s vocabulary.

For the week of 5/9/22: The New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) are quickly approaching.  Your child will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to write essays and narratives on this assessment.  Your child will be asked to organize and express their thoughts in writing.  If you would like to help support your child at home to develop their writing skills please refer to the booklet, “What Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students With Writing”.  It includes writing games and activities to help your child become a better writer.  You can help your child master the skills of good writing and even help your child develop a love for writing.  

For the week of 5/2/22: Throughout life, a child will be expected to respect rules, authority, and other people.  That’s why schools work so hard to teach discipline and respect and give opportunities for children to practice them.  But schools alone cannot teach children all they need to know about respect, nor can they provide enough practice.  The booklet, “Building Respect for Rules, Authority, & Other People” is packed with practical tips, ideas, and activities you can use every day to help build your child’s respect for rules, authority, and other people.

For the week of 4/25/22: Parents are teachers too.  Helping children build good homework skills is one of the most important ways parents can help children do better in school.  This week please focus your attention on the booklet, “Building Homework Skills.  Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Do Better in School”.  This booklet gives practical ways you can help your child build homework skills. 

For the week of 4/18/22: Motivation is important for your child.  Kids who are motivated are excited to try new things.  Not surprisingly, motivated kids do better in school.  This week please focus your attention on the booklet, “25 Ways Parents Can Motivate Children”.  No one has more influence over your child’s motivation than you.  This booklet explores 25 ways parents can motivate their children.

For the week of 4/4/22: Is your child having trouble listening and following directions?  If so, this week please focus your attention on the booklet, “Listening Well & Following Directions”.  Listening and following directions are skills.  Like other skills, they get better with practice.  This booklet will show you how to help your child succeed in school by improving their listening skills and ability to follow directions.  

For the week of 3/28/22: This week please focus your attention on the booklet, “What Parents Can Do at Home to Help With Math”.  Whether you’re looking for extra math activities to enjoy with your child or advice on how to help a struggling student do better, the activities in this booklet can help.  

For the week of 3/21/22: Is your child having trouble developing a love for reading?  If so please focus your attention to the booklet titled “What Parents Can Do at Home to Help Students With Reading”. This booklet includes activities and suggestions that will help you encourage your child to read at home.  You’ll also find tips for making reading fun at home and helping your child develop a lifelong love of reading. 

For the week of 3/14/22: Please focus your attention to the booklet titled, “Teaching Children Responsibility for Their Learning Behavior”.  This booklet informs you of the important action steps to take in order to guide your child into becoming a well-disciplined and self motivated student that takes responsibility for their own learning and behavior at home and at school.

For the week of 3/7/22: Please review the booklet titled “Questions and Answers about Standardized Tests”. This booklet will help you learn more about the kinds of standardized tests your child may take in the upcoming months as well as ways you can work with school personnel to help your child succeed on these types of assessments.

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