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Lowell School PTO

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What Is The Parent Teacher Organization

The PTO is a group of parents, family members, teachers, and staff who want to help our school. As a community, each one of us has unique skills, ideas, energy levels, and extra time, and we work together to create and implement wonderful programs throughout the year. We want the children to excel and succeed. We want to propel Lowell School forward and encourage growth. We want our teachers and staff to feel appreciated. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the school’s needs and the school’s budget. 

The purpose of the Lowell PTO is to support the education of students by fostering a cooperative relationship between parents, teachers, support staff, school administrators, and the surrounding community. 

In addition, we strive to enhance and support the educational experience, develop a close connection between school, home and community by encouraging parental involvement, and improve the environment at Lowell Elementary School through volunteer and financial support.