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School Programs

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 Thomas Jefferson Middle School offers many ongoing programs for students, parents and families.

Curriculum Components
  • Core/Encore programs allow for teacher collaboration and flexibility.
  • Core subjects include language arts, social studies, mathematics and science.
  • Encore subjects for grades 5 and 6 include the arts, world languages, health and wellness, remedial and special education programs, English as a Second Language and humanities enrichment. 
  • Encore subjects for grades 7 and 8 include dance, theater, chorus, band, orchestra, multimedia production, humanities, reading lab, math lab, French, Spanish, art, music through technology, forensics, and more.
  • Technology is infused in all subject areas.
  • The library media center is connected to Follet Destiny, our new, web-based, district-wide library browser. Destiny can be used from any Internet connected computer.
Extracurricular Activities
  • Before and after school hours. 
  • Extracurricular programs include Yearbook, Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Drama Club, Chorus, Student Council, Intramurals, Alpha Achievers, STEPS Mentoring for Girls, and Environmental Pet Club.
  • Visit our Google Site for list of clubs, advisors and details.
Special Programs
  • Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Management are part of student life in the middle school.
  • Students participate in Peer Mediation and Focus Groups as determined by school counselors.
Student Learning Environment
  • Programs and structure permit students to grow, explore and assume greater responsibility in a nurturing environment that fosters intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth.
  • Cooperative learning strategies encourage students to brainstorm, problem-solve and work on simulations and projects in small groups.
  • An advanced mathematics program is offered to students from grades 5 through 8 (must qualify based on district criteria).
  • Students in the secondary grades 7 and 8 move to different teachers for each subject in their schedules.
Parent/Family Support
  • Parents and family members are involved in the Parent Teacher Association.
  • PTA sponsors cultural programs and book fairs.