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Nurse's Corner

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Lacey School~ A Nut-free School


The health and safety of all our students is paramount to all of us at Lacey School and we need your support!

A child with a serious peanut/nut allergy can suffer a severe reaction by ingesting trace amounts or simply touching a peanut/nut-containing food. There are no cures for food allergies, so strictly avoiding allergy-causing food is the safest plan. Please take a moment to read the memo linked below.  The safest way to reduce peanut/nut allergy risks in our classrooms is to take the time to read every ingredient label carefully. We trust you understand the necessity of following these guidelines. 

Birthday Celebrations Suspended

Embedded Image for: Birthday Celebrations Suspended (2021121153043236_image.jpg)
Please take a moment to read the memo below regarding birthday celebrations.