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Reading is Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open

 Mission Statement:

The Lacey School Library enables students to be critical thinkers and use their imaginations as they develop a lifelong love and appreciation for reading and learning.

Library Schedule and Instruction:

Kindergarteners visit the library once a week for 40 minutes during their library special or (special circumstance). The main goal during this time and throughout their literary experience at Lacey School is to broaden and nurture their reading (knowledge) and appreciation. Stories are presented in a variety of formats using different manipulatives such as puppets, props,role play, read a loud and growing learning to use much more

Library Policies: (checking out book etc…)

During the students library visit: we will read a story(ies) often based on a current them or use the smartboard before checking out a book. The student then selects a book of their choice then checks that book out. If you do not wish for your child to check out a book please let myself or the teacher know. They are responsible for returning that book before their next library special. Please note as our kindergarteners are still learning or have not fully learned how to handle a book, we need your help reading and keeping track of their books. I will send home notice to remind you these notices are called Oops slips. (insert oop slip) I will also send home letters to inform you of a book replacement, if applicable. After 2 unreturned books, students are no longer allowed to check out a book until 1 or both books are replaced or returned.