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Curriculum is integrated, interdisciplinary and thematic.  Reading and writing are taught through the content areas, therefore the concept of a literacy block can be confusing.  The content of this block may be literature, biography, or another form of traditional language study.  However, this time may also be used to study science, social studies or any curriculum area.  

Technology is infused throughout all subject areas, and each classroom is equipped with chrome books.

All curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey State Learning Standards.

Teaneck Public Schools has adopted the following curriculums:
  • Balanced Literacy is used in the early years to teach reading and writing.  Children are encouraged to do both, and teachers use a number of strategies and materials to work with children.  Lucy Caulkins Writer’s Workshop is used from first grade and children learn to write in for different purposes: a letter, a shopping list, a sig, etc.   Second, third and fourth grade have adopted a reading series Good Habits, Great Readers.  The program provides a plethora of resources for the classroom and recommendations on how to use them.  Spelling and word patterns are taught through The Words Their Way Program.
  • World Language is introduced to all students through Spanish.
  • Students may choose to study an instrument in grade 4.