National Custodian Day
Starting 10/2/2022
Event Groups:
• Teaneck Public Schools - District Events
• Teaneck High School - Teaneck High School Events
• Thomas Jefferson Middle School - Thomas Jefferson Middle School Events
• Benjamin Franklin Middle School - Benjamin Franklin Middle School Events
• Whittier Elementary School - Whittier Elementary School Events
• Hawthorne Elementary School - Hawthorne Elementary School Events
• Bryant Elementary School - Bryant Elementary School Events
• Teaneck Public Schools - Board Meetings
• Lowell Elementary School - Lowell Elementary School
• Theodora Smiley Lacey School - Theodora Smiley Lacey School Events
• Redesign Test Section - Redesign Test Section Events
Let us recognize the hard work that it takes to keep our schools in the best shape as well as the team of people who diligently work to make sure we have schools that are spotless and sanitary. Thank you to our custodial team for all that you do! 
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