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COVID Update from Dr. Irving - January 26, 2022

January 26, 2022

Dear Teaneck Families & Staff,

According to recent NJ reports, the Teaneck Health Department, and what we are experiencing in our schools, it seems that COVID-19 cases are on a steady decline. This is very good news and will enable us to relax some of the recent restrictions we had put into place earlier this month.

Moving forward:
1.)    Spectators may return to all sporting events beginning this Friday, January 28.  However, no food or drinks will be permitted at indoor events and masks must be worn at all times.
2.)    In-person meetings may resume; but everyone is encouraged to do virtual meetings if more than 5 people are involved in the meeting.  Social distancing and masks are required for in-person meetings.
3.)    Per recent CDC and NJ Department of Health guidelines, the district will now use:
a.)    5 full days quarantine for positive cases when there are no symptoms (asymptomatic) for ALL five days…time frame begins from day after positive test result. A negative test is not required to return to work/school but must wear a tight-fitting mask for days 6 through 10.
b.)    5 full days quarantine for positive cases with symptoms…time frame begins on the first day of symptoms. If symptoms persist (fever or other symptoms have not improved), continue to isolate until fever-free for 24 hours and other symptoms have improved. If symptoms resolve, return to work/school and wear a tight-fitting mask for the remainder of the 10 day period.
c.)    As noted in my January 14 email, anyone deemed a “direct contact” who is required to quarantine (e.g. unvaccinated staff), will be notified by our COVID Response Team.

If the decline in cases continues, it is my hope to soon have a full return to in-person afterschool events and clubs.  For now, my recommendation is for afterschool activities to remain virtual (excluding athletics and SACC); but a return to in-person activities for specific situations may be approved by the respective building principal.

As always, please continue to wear your masks when inside, and please do not come to work/school if you are not feeling well.  We are almost where we want to be…and spring is just around the corner!

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Dr. Christopher Irving, Superintendent of Schools

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