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    Dear Parents and Guardians, Students, and Community Members,

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, and to the new and challenging opportunities that we will experience as a community.  I would like to add a special “Welcome” to the incoming 5th graders to Thomas Jefferson Middle School.  I also personally welcome back returning faculty members, school counselors, our school nurse and members of the Child Study Team.  It is with pleasure that I welcome the new members of the faculty:

    • Ms. Rachel Cohen (Long-term Substitute, School Counseling Office)

    • Ms. Brittany Eiselle (Art)

    • Ms. Diana Evans (Special Education)

    • Mr. Saah Hali (Social Studies)

    • Ms. Carole Petit-Bielen (French)

    • Ms. Javalda Powell (PT Behaviorist)

    • Mr. Luke Short (Instrumental Music Lessons)

    • Ms. Ivy Stern (Speech Therapist)

    • Ms. Jessie Van Buren (Special Education)

    • Ms. Pepukayi West (LDT/C)

    • Ms. Rochelle Yaros (Long-term Substitute, ICS)

    • Ms. Monica Yepes (Spanish)              

    For the past four years our guiding motto has been COMMITMENT TO LIFE-LONG LEARNING IN A CARING ENVIRONMENT, and it will continue to serve as the focal point this year for our discussions, our planning, and our efforts.  As this motto speaks to who we are as a school community, we will continue to create and provide learning opportunities that will allow for student collaboration and encourage critical thinking while enhancing student individual growth and academic achievement.   

    The Administrative Team here at Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Ms. Angela Davis, Principal, Ms. Nina Odatalla, Assistant Principal for grades 6 and 8, and Mr. Edward Wilson, Assistant Principal for grades 5 and 7 – are committed to student achievement, providing opportunities to discuss specific areas of importance and key strategies for building cultural competency and equity, as well as character education.  So too will we highlight the importance of improving school climate and continuing our conversations about and commitment to 21st century skills with our students. 

    Each member of the Thomas Jefferson Middle School community is encouraged to always be ready to accept new challenges that life presents each day, to meet and respect new and diverse people, to read new books, and to work together to enhance and develop the “whole person.” 

    The first day of school is Tuesday, September 6, 2016.  Other important information can be located on our school website.  This includes the following:  a 2016-2017 school calendar and a copy of the Parent/Guardian/Student Handbook (which contains helpful information that will assist you and your child navigate the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities at Thomas Jefferson Middle School).

    To focus each of these goals, I will share with you the Mission Statement that drives our efforts:


    The mission of Thomas Jefferson Middle School is to ensure that all work meets the highest level of academic achievement.  We are dedicated to:

    • Implementing the highest of standards
    • Empowering our students to become life-long learners who can identify their own strengths, learning styles, and areas in need of improvement

    • Nurturing our students’ development as they become safe, responsible, and respectful members of society

    • Partnering with all stakeholders in developing our students’ skills in order to participate in the local and global community

    • Re-evaluating and reconstructing curricula as necessary to prepare our students with the academic, interpersonal, and technological skills needed to participate in the local and global community.

    I hope that you will take the time to read through it carefully.  Please do not hesitate to stop in or call the school if you have any questions.

    I look forward to a very positive and rewarding school year and thank you in advance for the vital support that you provide each and every day.


    AngelaR. Davis