Student Advisory Committee

Board of Education Regular Public Meeting on Wednesday, January 20, 2021  at 7:00pm 
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Student Advisory Committee

"When Students Lead" Advisory Steering Committee Expectations
When Students Lead is a committee dedicated to the student voice. The committee will serve as a safe space for students to share thoughts, ideas and opinions about the education system in Teaneck to identify where change is needed. The committee will be composed of middle school and high school students who will meet quarterly with the superintendent to discuss various issues affecting the Teaneck Public School District. The group will be overseen by Douglas Book, a school counselor at Teaneck High School, and Mary Joyce Laqui, a teacher at Teaneck High School and chair of the Beyond Diversity Committee.  

The committee will:
- Examine the education system in Teaneck and its impact on student life
- Assess the culture and climate of the Teaneck Public Schools from the student perspective
- Utilize the group’s analysis to recommend solutions that promote change
- Explore programs that could be implemented which address the needs and wants of the student body

The committee will take into consideration any views, ideas, and beliefs that will overall benefit the student population in the Teaneck Public School District. In order to be effective in our work, the committee will create a group agreement and guidelines for discussion. The committee will conduct thorough research on various educational models and compare them to that of the Teaneck Public schools model. Committee members will also be prepared to have discussions surrounding topics that may require struggle. All recommendations will be welcomed.

2019-2020 Expectations & Applications
2019-2020 Membership List
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