• Early Dismissal

    In rare cases when a decision is reached to dismiss school early due to severe weather, power failure or other emergency, the administration will make every attempt to communicate with the parents of the students affected.

    The principal's office will activate the PTO/A and school emergency telephone chains. Parents of elementary and middle school students are asked to indicate on the Emergency Card whether they wish their child to leave at the early dismissal time or to remain in the school to be picked up at the normal dismissal time. No child in grades PreK - 8 will be released early unless permission has been granted. The police department will be notified of an early dismissal. Sufficient school personnel will remain to supervise the students who are to remain in school. Transportation will be provided for children who ordinarily are bused.

    If school is OPEN and it starts to snow and you want to pick up your child, please be there 20 minutes before dismissal.

    On an early dismissal day, schools will follow the half-day schedule.