• Staff Members

    The Teaneck Public Schools district does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, sex, age, religion, ancestry, social or economic status, or handicap in admission or access to, or treatment, or employment in, its programs and activities. Pursuant to Federal law (Title IX), the district is required not to discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities that it operates. Pursuant to Federal law (Title VI), opportunities will be offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex or disability.

    Name Title Telephone
    Superintendent's Office
    Vincent McHale
    Interim Superintendent of Schools and 504 Office
    (201) 833-5510
    Linda Kuhran Executive Secretary to the Superintendent (201) 833-5510
    Naomi Conklin
    Manager of Human Resources & Compliance
    (201) 862-2320

    Curriculum and Instruction
    Tamika Reese
    Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction (201) 833-5093
    Christine Flanagan Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
    (201) 833-5130
    Dr. Marisa King Supervisor of PK-12 Social Studies and Business and Practical Arts (201) 833-5131
    Patricia Dent
    Supervisor of Literacy / ESL
    (201) 862-2321
    Trina Gillet
    Supervisor of PK-12 Mathematics / Science
    (201) 833-5489
    Todd Sinclair
    Supervisor of Physical Education / Athletic Director (201) 833-5413
    Tamika Reese
    Supervisor of Fine & Performing Arts
    (201) 862-2329
    Pedro Valdes
    Supervisor of World Languages
    (201) 833-5411
    Aaron Kleinman
    Supervisor of Guidance & Counseling 5-12
    (201) 833-5432
    Sandy Muro Coordinator of Information Systems (201) 862-2347

    Business Office
    James Olobardi
    Interim School Business Administrator / Board Secretary
    (201) 833-5527
    Karla Starks
    Coordinator of Fiscal Services / Assistant Board Secretary (201) 833-5519
    Melanie Koteen-Coleman Secretary to School Business Administrator
    (201) 833-5511

    Specialized Education
    Sandra Beckford
    Supervisor of Special Services
    (201) 833-5490
    Regina Dunich
    Supervisor Specialized Education
    (201) 862-2305
    Anessa Baig Secretary (201) 833-5482
    Julie Basch Secretary
    (201) 833-5493
    Louise Leslie Secretary (201) 833-5491
    Cynthia South Secretary (201) 833-5133

    Alfred Schulz Attendance Officer / Registration (201) 862-2325
    Rose Antinori
    (201) 833-5512

    Community Education Center / After School and Camp Programs
    Claire Drootin
    Director of Community Education Center (201) 833-5534
    Community Education Center Program Information (After School, Evening, SACC, Camp) (201) 833-5514

    Operations and Maintenance
    Anthony D'Angelo Director of Facilities & Grounds (201) 833-5526

    For questions/concerns related to the following, call the person in charge of the particular area at the number indicated.

    Name Title Telephone
    Anthony D'Angelo Right-to-Know Officer (Labeling Hazardous Materials) (201) 833-5526
    Adrienne Williams Substance Awareness Coordinator (201) 833-5468

    Co-Affirmative Action Officers
    (201) 833-5093
    (201) 862-2320