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    The Teaneck Council of Parents and Teachers (known as the PTO Council) is the umbrella organization of Teaneck Public Schools’ six Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs). The Council, comprising representatives from the individual organizations, meets monthly to discuss education and parent issues as they relate to the children of this district. Each PTO also holds monthly meetings at their respective school.

    Although each PTO has its own identity, we all work and strive for a common goal….our students. The focus for the 2016-2017 school year is community involvement. We urge the entire Teaneck Community to come out and support the PTO Council and PTO-sponsored programs and activities that are posted on the PTO Calendar. Please mark your calendars accordingly and be sure to attend some of the wonderful and exciting events that have and will be planned for the students. Please keep in mind that from time to time event dates may be changed due to scheduling conflicts.