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Principal's Message

Welcome to Hawthorne School! Our school is a place where academic excellence, personal integrity, diverse perspectives and meaningful relationships thrive in a safe, respectful, nurturing, and intellectually stimulating environment. Parents, faculty, and community members work together to advance student achievement and to assist each child in reaching his/her full potential.

Hawthorne School is an elementary school that serves students in grades kindergarten through four. Our faculty is dedicated and focused on the academic achievement of our students. They work diligently to provide a strong foundation that develops critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for your child’s success. Our instruction is correlated with the Common Core Standards (CCS) and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS). Our curriculum is comprised of the following components:

Reading: Teaneck Public Schools uses a balanced approach to teaching reading and writing. Within the literacy block, the following methods are used:whole-class instruction using one text with a focus on specific literacy skills and comprehension strategies.
Shared Reading: whole-class instruction using one text with a focus on specific literacy skills and comprehension strategies.
Guided Reading: meets the individual needs of students in a small group approach with leveled text.
Read Aloud: the teacher reads aloud to the whole class and involves students in reading for enjoyment, reading for a purpose, demonstration of fluent reading and oral language.

Independent Reading: children read on their own and apply reading strategies independently. The goal is to increase fluency and stamina in reading.Word Study: This approach to word study teaches children to look closely at words and discover the regularities and conventions of English orthography that is needed to read and spell. Students will be conducting word sorts which will allow them to group sounds and words into various categories.

Writing Workshop: Children are engaged in writing a variety of texts/genres throughout the year. The teacher guides the process and provides instruction through mini-lessons and conferences. Our writing workshop focuses on teaching students the process of writing, developing good writing habits, a love of writing and building stamina in writing. Grammar and mechanics are taught within the context of the students’ writing and through discrete mini-lessons.

Mathematics: Our math program adheres to the principle that mathematics is best learned through active involvement in solving authentic problems. There is strong emphasis on problem solving. The program is a standards based program where students become powerful mathematical thinkers as they develop concepts, skills, and procedures.

Science: In grades 1-4 teachers utilize the FOSS (Full Option Science System) program. FOSS focuses on solving science problems, expressing understanding, and application of knowledge in novel ways.

Social Studies: State standards are addressed through the use of geography and map skills as well as local, national and international topics. Teachers incorporate lessons on citizenship, politics and responsibility.

Our students also participate in meaningful and purposeful activities in art, music, physical education and world language.

The Hawthorne Parent Teacher Association (PTA) supports our school in a variety of ways. In addition to their efforts to support and enrich programs for Hawthorne children, the PTA provides a forum for discussing school issues and promoting parental involvement in all aspects of the children’s education and development. I encourage all parents to join, be active partners, and attend monthly PTA meetings. 

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