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THS Commemorates Kristallnacht

Kristallnacht Over 200 students gathered in the Student Center to commemorate Kristallnacht, or Night of the Broken Glass, a night of terror and looting which took place 78 years ago in Germany and is often considered the beginning of the Holocaust.  


The guest speaker was Mr. Norbert Strauss, a resident of Teaneck who was born in Germany and fled with his family from one place to another until he arrived in America at age 13.

Mr. Strauss described life in early Nazi Germany in a quietly compelling way, remembering how he hid with his family in a crowded back room as the Nazi mob attacked his family’s restaurant, shattering everything before his father and uncle were ultimately arrested. 

He told the story of the miraculous escape of his father after he had first travelled on the doomed ship St. Louis as it was turned away from one safe harbor after another, until the ship was finally forced to return to Germany with its desperate passengers.

Mr. Strauss finished his unusually dramatic and moving story by describing the ways in which he has since attempted to thank  his host country of America for saving the lives of his family by enlisting in the army and by volunteering almost 30,000 hours.

It was an honor to have Mr. Strauss as our guest in Teaneck High School.