Teaneck Public Schools

PTO/A Leadership 2016-2017 School Year
The Teaneck Council of Parents and Teachers (known as the PTO/A Council) is the umbrella organization of Teaneck Public Schools’ six Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) and one Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The Council, comprising representatives from the individual organizations, meets regularly to discuss education and parent issues as they relate to the children of this district. A Parent-Teacher Organizations/Association meet monthly at each school. All are welcome.
PTO/A Council Co-Presidents – Chondra Young and Taana Harris  
 School  Date
 Bryant Elementary School First Tuesday 7:00 PM
Alicia Maxey Greene
Hawthorne Elementary School First Thursday 7:00 PM
Elizabeth Rynd
Lowell Elementary School Fourth Tuesday 6:30 PM
Connie Le
Whittier Elementary School Fourth Tuesday 7:00 PM
Candida Wiltshire
Benjamin Franklin Middle School Second Thursday 7:00 PM
Nalija Loveless, Rhona Vega 
Thomas Jefferson Middle School Third Tuesday 7:00 PM 
Florence Mitchell-Brown, Angela Barker
Teaneck High School Second Monday 7:00 PM
Karin Burrell, Kathleen Wicklund