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An eBoard is like an "Online Corkboard" that allows teachers and administrators to quickly and easily post messages, photos, files, and links to their own information on the Internet.

The purpose of this tool is to enable communication between teachers, administrators, parents and students that can help foster student achievement beyond the classroom walls.

eBoards are updated frequently and include valuable information such as class events and homework.

   Parent Information      

News and Announcements




School Nurse

Media Center 

  Grade 5 Grade 6 Counseling Department  

Tiana Benevenga

Debra Benitez  

Jennie Brolewicz 

Karen Butler

Kristen Cline

Gillian Iappelli

Valerie Johnson

Meredith Martino

Megan McBryde

Frederica Ogletree

Aya Shabarek

Thomas Papaleo


Elizabeth Borkowski 

Susan Carletta

Kimberly Cecchini

Suada Charaf

Erica Cohen 

Gillian Iappelli

Valerie Johnson

Mark Martinez

Shellian Mirander

Jen Oriolo

Brielle Rubin 

Rena SanGeorge

Robert Davis

Jennifer Denard

Javalda Powell










  Mathematics Language Arts Science  

Sameera Baig 

Lydia DeRuiter

Glenn Mezzatesta

Valerie Johnson

Ramon Ortiz, Jr.

Shaunte Pegues

Jacqueline Prince

Elizabeth Robbins

Esin Sasmaz



Roland Bianchi

Delores Connors

Andrew DeBlock

Gillian Iappelli

Samantha Laliker 

Meredith Martino

Lisa Rosen

Germaine Tarver

Kelly Walsh

Amanda Zoran

Dr. Antoinette Bush

Phillip Martino

James Pruden 

Lisa Rosen

Paulette Szalay






  Social Studies Health & Physical Education Fine & Performing Arts  

Nina DeMaio

Saah Hali

Frank Piccininni

Angela Taylor

JoAnne Zahn


Matt Green

Danielle Lawlor

George Prepis

Tracy Wells 



Brittany Eisele

William Lane 

Molly Neff

Reginald Pittman

Luke Short 

Daniel Sullivan

  World Languages Special Services T. A.G. (Teaneck Academically Gifted)   

Carmen Conil

Carole Petit-Bielen

Marisol Urena 

Monica Yepes 

 Ivy Stern




Matthew Mc Millan




   ESL  Technology  Clubs  

Hilary Almeida




Sue Luckman-Jacobs




Drama Club 


Student Council

National Junior Honor Society 






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